Rayfish Footwear creates personalized sneakers made from genuine stingray leather. Our groundbreaking bio-customization technique allows you to design your very own transgenic Rayfish. Rayfish Footwear harnesses the beauty and variety of nature to create the world's first truly custom sneakers. One fish, one shoe.

With our online design tool, you can create a unique pattern for your own Rayfish stingray. Select elements from dozens of animal patterns and remix them into something nature could have never imagined.

Rayfish Footwear has been in operation for over a decade, raising stingrays in our Thai aquaculture facility. We are a family-run company with a long organic tradition in creating handcrafted shoes from stingray leather. In 2011, we successfully engineered our first fully bio-customized stingray. Each shoe is crafted according to our 'one fish, one shoe' principle.